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How to build a soil-health bank account

How to build a soil-health bank account

This organic production technique offers a big-picture view of nutrient management — 
and a ‘tough love’ approach to soil fertility

Reading Time: 3 minutes Soil is a little like a bank account for nutrients — in order to manage them properly, you need to balance the budget. “No matter how big the bank account is, if you only take stuff out, eventually it runs out,” said University of Manitoba research technician Joanne Thiessen Martens. “We need to look at […] Read more

New online tool for using green manure

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Prairie Organic Grain Initiative has launched a free, online Green Manure Tool Kit. A reliable and effective green manure program is essential for the success of an organic farm, and the tool kit is a guide to help producers to select the best green manure for their farm conditions. It has modules on selecting […] Read more

Organic grain producer Steven Snider swears by green manure 
plow-down crops on his operation.

Green manure crops can put more green in your pockets

If organic producers can look past having a year out of 
crop production, green manure plow-down crops can pay off

Reading Time: 3 minutes For organic grain producers, your best investment is the crop you never harvest. “I can never stress green manure plow-down enough. It is your most valuable crop,” said Steven Snider, who runs an organic grain operation near Edberg. “Part of your farm should be soil building with a green manure plow-down. Don’t cheat yourself on […] Read more