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Improving late-season pasture productivity by 30 per cent is one of the goals of a new 
five-year partnership on beef and forage research.

ABP and government partner on new research initiative

The five-year agreement has a series of specific goals to reduce costs and boost productivity

Alberta Beef Producers and the provincial and federal governments have agreed to a five-year partnership to advance research and extension activities related to the forage and beef sectors in the province. The agreement has specific, measurable, long-term strategic goals: Build and maintain research and extension capacity; Reduce winter feeding costs by 50 per cent; Reduce […] Read more

The nitty-gritty of becoming a ‘verified sustainable’ beef producer

Alberta Beef Producers chair Greg Bowie, who was verified in May, explains what’s involved

Thinking of becoming a producer of ‘verified sustainable beef,’ but wondering just what it involves? There are 31 indicators (available at that cow-calf producers must meet to qualify for McDonald’s program — and at first glance, it can all seem overwhelming. But it’s actually not that challenging, says Greg Bowie, a seedstock producer from […] Read more

Cattle leader says it’s time to rebuild the herd

ABP chair Greg Bowie says there is plenty of opportunity in the beef business, 
and wants to see the next generation seize it

Good times have finally returned to the beef sector, and now is the time to focus on bringing in the next generation, says the chair of Alberta Beef Producers. The entire industry has gotten greyer during the difficult decade following the discovery of BSE, said Greg Bowie. “Not only is the average producer in the […] Read more