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Harvest better than expected in most — but not all — areas

Harvest better than expected in most — but not all — areas

Expectations were low in many areas of the province, but yield and quality have generally been decent

Reading Time: 3 minutes This year’s crop quality and yields are better than expected, which comes as a major surprise to both farmers and agronomists across the province. “Even as late as seeding was done, the yield seems to be average or better than expected, which is surprising, when some canola was planted on the 7th or 8th of […] Read more

This photo shows the plant’s reproductive tissue reverting to vegetative. The buds begin to form, but turn into leaf or stem material.

It’s a bit creepy, but ‘mystery syndrome’ is no cause for alarm

Buds on canola plants are doing things they shouldn’t — like turning into leaves or stems

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’re seeing weird things in your canola — like buds turning into stems or leaves — don’t be alarmed. But what’s causing this “mystery syndrome” has Alberta experts scratching their heads. “You’ve got something that should be forming a pod, and it turns into a weirdly shaped leaf or a piece of stem or […] Read more