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(British Columbia Wine Institute photo)

B.C. to defend wine industry against U.S. trade action

Vancouver | Reuters — The British Columbia government said Wednesday it would defend its wine industry against a trade challenge from the U.S., and was confident it was not breaking any international trade rules. Earlier Wednesday, the U.S. said it started action against Canada at the World Trade Organization, accusing B.C. of discriminating against U.S. […] Read more

man and woman shopping in a grocery store

Consumer tracking is changing the way people shop — and view food

Four to Watch: Grocery and restaurant chains know more about their customers 
than ever before, and are ready to offer them whatever they want

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ellen Goddard doesn’t have a crystal ball — but grocery and restaurant chains do and that’s going to drive change in the food sector and agriculture. The name of their crystal ball is called Big Data. Companies are watching consumers like never before via sophisticated tracking software and monitoring of social media. “Most grocery stores […] Read more