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The Harrington Seed Destructor has come a long way since it was first developed in 2012. Originally a tow-behind unit that attached to the back of the combine, the new weed seed management tool is now a mill that can be integrated with the combine — at half the price.

Is the weed seed ‘destructor’ ready for prime time in Alberta?

Invention is now cheaper and easier to use, but it's still ‘a hard sell’ for farmers

Reading Time: 5 minutes In the battle against herbicide-resistant weeds here in Alberta, the Harrington Seed Destructor might just win us the war — if farmers can justify the $100,000 price tag. “If herbicides are still working, it can be hard to convince producers to spend that kind of money to purchase this kind of equipment,” said federal research […] Read more

Breanne Tidemann is testing the Harrington seed destructor in Lacombe as part of a nationwide study on harvest weed seed management.  
Photo: Jennifer Blair

Aussie weed ‘seed destroyer’ ready to roll in Alberta trials

The Australian-made Harrington seed destructor shows promise 
for cleaver control in Alberta, but likely won’t work on wild oats

Reading Time: 2 minutes A novel way of controlling herbicide-resistant weeds has emerged from Down Under, but whether it will take off in Canada is still up in the air. “We know that herbicide resistance is a problem here, but it’s also a really big problem in Australia,” said Breanne Tidemann, a graduate student at the University of Alberta. […] Read more

Farm implement.

Did you hear about the ‘seed destructor’ at FarmTech?

With burning and cultivation off the table for many growers, the Harrington 
Seed Destructor an option for managing resistant weeds

Reading Time: 3 minutes A presentation on a “seed destructor” — an Aussie contraption for battling resistant weeds — caught the attention of a lot of FarmTech attendees earlier this winter. But the price tag of nearly $240,000 and having to pull the hefty machine behind a combine quickly cooled their interest. However, a complete redesign of the Harrington Seed […] Read more