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Storage problems can start almost as soon as grain is loaded into bins.

Keep ‘unpleasant surprises’ out of your grain bins this fall

Don’t neglect the basics when storing grain or oilseeds, 
says provincial crop specialist

Reading Time: 2 minutes A little preparation prior to harvesting can ensure worry-free winter crop storage, says a provincial crop specialist. “Warm or wet conditions at harvest and multi-staged crops are potential ingredients for storage problems,” said Harry Brook. “Take the time to monitor the stored grain’s condition and cool those bins down. Don’t get an unpleasant surprise when […] Read more

The sight of wild oats escaping weed control is increasingly common in Alberta and could get a lot worse, says crop expert Harry Brook.

Millions of Alberta acres have resistant weeds

Kochia and wild oats top a long list of resistant weeds that are now present in Alberta, says crop specialist

Reading Time: 2 minutes When it comes to herbicide resistance, producers should be looking for trouble. The ongoing spread of resistant weeds means producers should be actively scouting for it, said provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. “We now have glyphosate resistance in kochia in southern Alberta and it continues to spread,” said Brook. “These should serve as a wake-up […] Read more

Wild oats is currently resistant to the most number of herbicide groups of any weed.

‘Wake-up call’ needed for resistance

Provincial crop expert says it’s time to stop pretending it’s not ‘a huge issue’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Weed resistance has been an issue in crop production for many years, but is coming to the forefront as increasing numbers of weeds are no longer responding to herbicides. “Most producers are aware of the issue, but unless it affects them directly, don’t see it as a huge issue,” said provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. […] Read more

Seeding late is a big worry but there are crop choices that can reduce the risk.

Here are some options for late-spring seeding this year

Crop specialist Harry Brook says it’s worth taking a look at Polish canola, 
and checking historical frost dates for your area

Reading Time: 3 minutes Seeding in late spring is fraught with variables beyond producers’ control, but there are some things they can do to hedge their bets, says a provincial crop specialist. Most come down to plant and variety selection, and canola in particular features some strong options, said Harry Brook. “There are varieties out there that do fairly […] Read more

Lots on offer at agronomy update

Early-bird registration until Jan. 6

Reading Time: < 1 minute Weather and new varieties will be in the spotlight at 2017 Agronomy Update in Lethbridge on Jan. 17-18. “New varieties are always showing up with different growing seasons,” said provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. “We’ve got producers in the south who are successfully growing soybeans. There is new information every year when it comes to […] Read more

The only way to judge fertilizer claims is increased yield — not by testimonials or unsubstantiated claims, says a provincial crop specialist.

Be skeptical about claims about ‘miracle’ fertilizers

Fertilizers no longer have to be proven effective in order to be registered

Reading Time: 2 minutes Producers should be wary of unproven claims about fertilizer performance, says a provincial crop specialist. “In agriculture, there’s no shortage of products that guarantee tremendous response for relatively low cost,” said Harry Brook. “Often, these products overpromise and underdeliver. A few years ago, the federal government changed requirements for fertilizer registration so that they only […] Read more

Finding the right fertilizer balance

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here is a three-part way to help control fertilizer costs. “Soil testing is one of three tools you can use to make your fertilizer dollar stretch further,” said provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. “The other two tools in the box are the Nutrient Use Calculator and the AFFIRM fertilizer program, both available free from AF.” […] Read more

Winter annuals, such as stinkweed, need to be controlled 

Now’s the time to attack winter annual weeds

Many winter annuals are often too well established or already flowering once spring arrives

Reading Time: 2 minutes Conditions are favourable this year for some excellent post-harvest weed control, says a provincial crop specialist. “Winter annuals are weeds that germinate in the fall or late fall, go through the winter in a rosette form, and go to seed quickly once spring comes,” said Harry Brook. Common winter annuals include stinkweed, shepherd’s purse, scentless […] Read more


Manage crop residue with next year in mind

Reading Time: < 1 minute How you harvest, what you are using to harvest, and what you do with the residue will have a huge effect on what happens next spring. “Crop residue isn’t trash as it has a significant amount of fertilizer value,” said provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. “The straw has probably the lion’s share of this, as […] Read more