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Gerald Anderson (on left) and Tilley producer Patrick Fabian, a pedigreed soybean seed producer, check an irrigated soybean field this year. The field’s owner was growing soybeans for the first time and produced a crop in the 60-bushel range.

Lessons Learned: Three takes on what worked — and didn’t — in 2015

Seed into the dust, the bins will bust? That one sure didn’t work this year, but there were happy surprises

This growing season was a challenge for many farmers. Alberta Farmer asked some experts about the lessons learned during the 2015 growing season. Dallas Van Den Driessche is account manager and precision agronomist with Farmer’s Edge in Vermilion. His territory runs from Bonnyville to Oyen and Lavoy to the Saskatchewan border. What specialty crops did […] Read more

Rosebud producer Justin Bell’s fields were bone dry in early summer but were so waterlogged by harvest that his combine got stuck.

Crop 2015: Parched to soaked

From super dry to super wet — it’s been quite a year

It’s been anything but a normal year — and Justin Bell is just one of hundreds of Alberta farmers who can attest to that. The Rosebud producer was praying for rain in June and praying for it to stop in September. “We were ready to start on Sept. 7, but then we got two inches […] Read more

In a very tough year, no till proved its worth, says Fairview producer 
Kelly McIntyre.

HARVEST 2015: It’s not good — but not as bad as it could have been

In many areas those poor, stunted crops managed a few 
extra bushels — now the challenge is getting them off

Some farmers are getting more in the bin than they expected this harvest — a bit of a silver lining in a tough year that has swung from drought to too rainy in many areas. “People are seeing a little better yield than they originally expected, maybe five bushels more,” said Kelly McIntyre, who grows […] Read more

Yield estimates improving in all regions, crop quality average

Alberta crop conditions as of September 22, 2015

Wet weather conditions caused some interruptions with harvest operations over the last week. Most of the province received less than 5 mm of rain. Some areas received well over 5 mm and other areas up to 15-20 mm of rain. Provincially, about 27 per cent of the crops remain standing, 27 per cent are swathed, […] Read more

Alberta producers making good harvest progress

Alberta crop conditions as of September 1, 2015

Alberta producers were able to make good harvest progress this past week with the South region showing the greatest advancement. Thick smoke haze in the atmosphere reduced temperatures and slowed drying across much of the province. High winds in southern Alberta helped to dry crops but also caused damage by blowing swaths and breaking heads. […] Read more