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This is not a winter wonderland. Allison Ammeter and husband Mike will have to deal with these fababeans, pictured here on Nov. 20, in the spring.

ONE FOR THE BOOKS: Lessons learned, and a look ahead

‘Don’t wait for the perfect day’ is one of the key lessons from 2016, 
and sticking to rotations may be one for this year

Reading Time: 6 minutes Allison Ammeter didn’t see the inside of a combine in October. As harvest carried on across the province, Ammeter was left waiting and wondering when the rains would stop and whether she and husband Mike would finish harvest before the snow started flying. They didn’t. “We got not quite two-thirds done, which is fairly average […] Read more

The long harvest of 2016, no thanks to the weather

Alberta crop conditions as of November 29 (Final report of 2016)

Reading Time: 2 minutes The harvest season for 2016 was one of the longest ones on record. Some producers began harvest operations in the first week of August and were unable to complete it until the end of November, due to cool wet weather that delayed harvest progress. As of November 29, Alberta producers combined 90 per cent of […] Read more

Keith Degenhardt’s harvest should have been finished a month ago. But like so many producers, he has many acres to combine and a lot of tough grain to deal with.

Horrible fall harvest goes on and on

Many producers may have to delay seeding because they need to combine first

Reading Time: 3 minutes Keith Degenhardt thought last year’s harvest was bad. But then 2016 came along. The pedigreed seed grower from Hughenden estimated only about 60 per cent of the acres in east-central Alberta had been harvested by the end of October. “People have ordered dryers and some are putting crops in bags in hopes that they will […] Read more

Help for some producers with unharvested acres

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farm Credit Canada is offering “flexibility to all customers” who have been hit hard by excessive moisture and delayed harvesting. “This year’s wet weather in parts of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba has certainly been challenging for many farmers whose crops have been affected by excessive moisture,” FCC president and CEO Michael Hoffort said in a […] Read more

Cool, wet weather continues to slow harvest

Alberta crop conditions as of November 1

Reading Time: 2 minutes Although the province did not receive much precipitation over the last week, continued cool, wet weather conditions were enough to slow down harvest progress. Provincially, about 76 per cent of crops are in the bin, 14 per cent swathed and 10 per cent still standing. Producers in the Southern, Central and North East Regions were […] Read more

Harvest progress a struggle, unmelted snow remains

Alberta crop conditions as of October 25

Reading Time: < 1 minute Harvest progress continues to struggle as it improved by only a little more than one percentage point over the past week to 74.5 per cent complete and up only five percentage points over the last three weeks. Normally, harvest should be 95 per cent completed or better in all regions by this time period in […] Read more

Harvest nears 50 per cent, wet soils slow progress

Alberta crop conditions as of September 27

Reading Time: < 1 minute Producers were able to harvest a further 14 per cent of crops this past week bringing the harvested total to near 50 per cent in spite of unsettled weather in all regions. All regions reported similar harvest progress for the week. Wet soils continue to hinder harvest operations necessitating the need to bypass acres with […] Read more