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Hog rally good news, but exports needed long-term

CNS Canada — The recent rally in U.S. hog futures offers hedging opportunities and cash prices are supported for the short term, but Tyler Fulton at Hams Marketing tempers optimism for the longer-term outlook. “We have advocated for hedging, particularly for the fall and winter timeframe,” he said. However, he cautioned, the current rally is […] Read more

When prices go south, options can save you major dough.

Expert says too many farmers working without a net

FarmTech: Fewer than one in 10 producers use options to set a floor price for their grain

Forget that old farm dog — options are a farmer’s best friend. “If you don’t have options in place, your tool box is not quite complete,” said David Derwin, an investment adviser with PI Financial. “If we can add a few more newer, sharper, better tools like options into the tool box, we’ve got a […] Read more

National hedging plan weighed for hog farmers

If there’s a way for a national-level hedging program to help Canadian hog farmers limit their exposure to hog price volatility, the national hog industry body aims to find it. The Canadian Pork Council on Friday announced it had picked up $169,530 in federal funding for a feasibility study on developing such a hedging program. […] Read more