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This is not a pretty picture but it’s one that’s increasingly common as herbicide-resistant weeds, such as kochia, become the rule rather than the exception.

The clock is ticking on old-school ways of weed control

Resistance is rampant and producers need a more strategic approach, including herbicide layering

Reading Time: 3 minutes Time’s just about up. Crop growers won’t be able to spray their way out of problem weeds for much longer if herbicide resistance continues to spread, says one of the country’s top weed scientists. “We’re seeing multiple-herbicide resistance show up in a few different weed species on the Prairies,” said federal research scientist Charles Geddes. […] Read more

This photo was taken in Manitoba but glyphosate-resistant kochia has since spread across the Prairies and it’s estimated half of kochia in Alberta is resistant to at least one herbicide group.

A 50/50 chance your kochia is glyphosate resistant

Triple-resistant kochia has also been found in Alberta and Saskatchewan

Reading Time: 3 minutes There’s an easy way to tell if you have glyphosate-resistant kochia in your field — flip a coin. “Half the fields that have kochia in them now have resistant populations,” said federal research scientist Charles Geddes. Five years ago, only five per cent of kochia populations in Alberta fields were resistant to glyphosate (the active […] Read more

Wild oats is currently resistant to the most number of herbicide groups of any weed.

‘Wake-up call’ needed for resistance

Provincial crop expert says it’s time to stop pretending it’s not ‘a huge issue’

Reading Time: 3 minutes Weed resistance has been an issue in crop production for many years, but is coming to the forefront as increasing numbers of weeds are no longer responding to herbicides. “Most producers are aware of the issue, but unless it affects them directly, don’t see it as a huge issue,” said provincial crop specialist Harry Brook. […] Read more

The basics of combating resistant weeds are simple — rotate herbicides by group; scout; employ good sanitation methods and diverse rotations, said Hugh Beckie.

Herbicide resistance is everywhere you look

This year it’s Alberta’s turn to be surveyed by Ag Canada — but researchers already know the news won’t be good

Reading Time: 3 minutes If you’ve found herbicide-tolerant weeds in your field, you’re not in the minority. Weed resistance is increasing worldwide, so it’s really important that Prairie growers understand growing herbicide tolerance, says one of the country’s top resistance experts. “Group 2 really overshadows all the other groups in terms of weed resistance,” said Hugh Beckie, a research […] Read more

kochia weed in a canola stand

Watch for herbicide-resistant weeds

There are 21 resistant weeds on the Prairies and 38 million acres have at least one of them

Reading Time: < 1 minute The first few weeks of the growing season is a great time to police fields for suspicious weeds. Look for weeds that survived pre-seed burn-off or post-emergent sprays while others of the same species have died. These few weeds could be resistant, and it would be good to nab them early. “It takes 14 to […] Read more

wild oats

Herbicide-resistant weeds are just the symptom

Is resistance the problem, or is it farmers’ dependence on chemistry?

Reading Time: 3 minutes For decades, the experts have treated the growing problem of herbicide-resistant weeds as something solvable by the next new chemistry or biological breakthrough. But now more are stepping back and acknowledging it as a symptom of a much bigger issue in modern agriculture. In fact, one of the world’s leading experts in managing herbicide resistance […] Read more

Farm implement.

Did you hear about the ‘seed destructor’ at FarmTech?

With burning and cultivation off the table for many growers, the Harrington 
Seed Destructor an option for managing resistant weeds

Reading Time: 3 minutes A presentation on a “seed destructor” — an Aussie contraption for battling resistant weeds — caught the attention of a lot of FarmTech attendees earlier this winter. But the price tag of nearly $240,000 and having to pull the hefty machine behind a combine quickly cooled their interest. However, a complete redesign of the Harrington Seed […] Read more