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Rhode Island Red chicks hatched at U of A’s Poultry Research Centre.

Heritage chicks available now

University of Alberta’s hugely popular heritage chicken distribution program is now on — but hurry before they’re all gone. “This year, we’re offering Plymouth barred rock, brown leghorn, random bred broiler 1978, light Sussex and Rhode Island Red chicks,” said Jesse Hunter, program co-ordinator. “We hatch a certain number of each breed every year, so […] Read more

A group of Rhode Island Red chicks at the University of Alberta’s Poultry Research Centre, which has housed collections of heritage chickens for more than 20 years.

Community comes together to save rare chickens

Poultry centre now providing community with farm fresh eggs and heritage chicks

An outpouring of community support has saved a rare — and potentially priceless — collection of heritage chickens. “It’s amazing how much the general population wants to support the chickens and how much they understand about genetic preservation,” said Agnes Kulinski, business director of the University of Alberta’s Poultry Research Centre. Two years ago, when […] Read more