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This is part of a publication on hormones put out by Alberta Beef Producers. It says, for example, that the amount of estrogen in a serving of beef is slightly less than the same-size serving of chicken or pork — and much less than a glass of beer or milk. But the message isn’t getting through to many consumers.

Even in Feedlot Alley, consumers don’t trust hormone use

The beef sector has long said hormone implants are safe, but most Lethbridge residents aren’t convinced

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s a pretty disheartening finding: Nearly two-thirds of residents of Lethbridge — located in Feedlot Alley — oppose the use of growth hormones in cattle, according to a recent survey. “I would suspect that a lot of people don’t understand,” said Roland Cailliau, a cow-calf producer from Valleyview. “They don’t read and they don’t understand […] Read more

Numerous studies have found there are no health risks from using hormones as growth promotants in cattle, 
says Reynold Bergen of the Beef Cattle Research Council.

Concerns about hormones in beef fuelled by myths, says expert

Reynold Bergen says producers need to use facts to contest ‘myths’ about hormones used in cattle production

Reading Time: 3 minutes Fears about hormones in beef production are completely unwarranted, says the science director of the Beef Cattle Research Council. “There are no health risks associated with growth promotants, but producers spend a lot of time answering the public’s questions to explain the facts and dispel some of the myths,” Reynold Bergen said during a recent […] Read more