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Oh-oh, uncomfortable dining experience ahead? It shouldn’t be, says Jodie Beach, an etiquette specialist who 
has been training regular folks — including Alberta Canola Young Leaders — how to navigate networking dinners.

Farmers benefit from business etiquette, too

Reading Time: 4 minutes For some, just hearing the word ‘etiquette’ is enough to send cold shivers down their spine. It brings up memories of motherly commands — such as, ‘Keep your elbows off the table!’ or, ‘For God’s sake, chew with your mouth closed!’ — or conjures up pictures of fancy dinners with white-gloved waiters and six different […] Read more

Cup of coffee

How will federal tax changes affect you?

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta’s canola, wheat, barley, and pulse commissions are hosting a free breakfast at Agri-Trade on Nov. 9. at the Sheraton Hotel. Also on the menu will be a presentation on the federal Liberals’ proposed tax changes and the potential impact on farmers by Dean Gallimore, a retired partner from KPMG LLP in Lethbridge. Gallimore spent […] Read more

Alberta Wheat Commission looking for candidates

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Alberta Wheat Commission is looking for candidates for two directors and three regional representatives in Regions 2 and 4. Farmers can become candidates by filling the nomination package recently mailed to them (it is also available at Voting will take place at Next Level Farming events — Nov. 15 in Acme for Region […] Read more

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The world has an eating problem — and farming is the solution

Whether it’s obesity or malnutrition, Canadian farmers have an amazing opportunity to be agents of change

Reading Time: 3 minutes “As a farming community we should be the epitome of health.” That was the closing remark of one of the speakers at the Nuffield Triennial Farming Conference in southern England earlier this summer. The speaker had been talking about obesity and food-related health issues, and how farmers could be a solution to this serious problem. […] Read more

More choices than ever at Open Farm Days

More choices than ever at Open Farm Days

Open Farm Days runs Aug. 19-20

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Open Farm Days continues to grow and this year has reached triple digits. More than 100 farms, ranches, and other operations with a connection to agriculture will be opening their doors to the public on Aug. 19-20. Visiting farms is free and a complete list can be found at The website also has […] Read more

Alberta Open Farm Days coming up

Alberta Open Farm Days coming up

Over 90 farms expected to open their doors for August event

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Open Farm Days gives farmers and ranchers a chance to invite their urban cousins and rural neighbours to stop in for a visit to share stories, see demonstrations, and learn more about the people who grow their food. The event takes place Aug. 19-20 and it’s expected more than 90 farms, ranches and ag-tourism operators […] Read more

Barbecue Buffalo Chicken Wings as an Appetizer

Chicken industry takes wing on some very creative marketing

Lowly chicken wings used to be a big problem for processors, 
now they are a huge and growing source of profits

Reading Time: 3 minutes If there is one thing that North Americans love to eat — it is chicken wings. During the Super Bowl game alone, one billion wings are consumed along with an ocean of beer. Canadians are right in there chowing down on the once tossed tidbit, and continue to eat a few birds each year themselves. […] Read more

Boy (3-5) eating ice cream, close-up, other children in background

Small indulgences — the experience of food can be priceless

In the food business, less can be more if you understand your 
customer and the emotional side of food buying

Reading Time: 3 minutes I remember a story from years ago about a family-owned ice-cream shop in a small town. Folks came from long distances for ice cream because it was so delicious. Yet, the customer had one constant complaint — there was too much ice cream in the cone! The owners of that shop decided to listen to […] Read more

New edition of classic Alberta cookbook on sale

Reading Time: < 1 minute Hardy farm-style recipes are the focus of Meals in the Field, a new cookbook from United Farmers of Alberta Co-operative. Recipes were submitted throughout the summer by UFA members, customers, agents and employees. The 184-page cookbook is also a modern version of UFA’s original cookbook, first published in 1928 by the United Farm Women of […] Read more