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Where’s the beef? It’s in the upper righthand corner of the new edition of Canada’s Food Guide, in the section labelled ‘Eat protein foods.'

A plateful of advice offered in new national food guide

But that plate has less meat, more plant-based protein, and water is the ‘drink of choice’

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Don’t see a lot of meat or dairy!” That tweet from a University of Guelph food expert summed up the reaction of many farm groups in the country following the unveiling of the revamped Canada’s Food Guide. As expected, Health Canada’s new edition of the guide — last revised in 2007 — recommends Canadians eat […] Read more

chickpeas in a testing lab

VIDEO: Are pulse crops the next North American ‘superfood’?

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s hardly an exaggeration to call pulses a ‘superfood’ — they’re high in protein and other nutrients, they’ve been proven to reduce bad cholesterol and they provide free nitrogen for the farmers who grow them. But while they’re a staple in diets in the Middle East, consumption is low in North America. In this video, […] Read more