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Hosing down an overheated horse with cold water will quickly cool the animal.

Heat stress and horses

Horse Health: Emergency interventions may be necessary to save overheated animals 
as heatstroke can occur very quickly

Reading Time: 4 minutes Hot weather poses a unique set of challenges to the physiology of horses that are better equipped to deal with cold weather. Horses naturally benefit from the heat produced as a byproduct of their own digestive processes and muscular activity. However, as temperatures rise beyond approximately 24 C and humidity increases, horses struggle to effectively […] Read more

photo: barb alston

Calving during hot weather with no shade is a recipe for trouble

Beef 911: Being proactive and taking a few simple steps means 
you may never need to deal with hyperthermia

Reading Time: 3 minutes Every year during the first few hot days of summer, we hear media warnings about leaving pets unattended in closed vehicles, where temperatures can rise to over 50 C. We often don’t realize how susceptible livestock are to the same condition. Many a farmer or veterinarian has been fooled by symptoms resembling a toxemia or […] Read more