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Farmers on a committee dealing with workplace safety regulations argued that wearing a seatbelt while operating farm equipment doesn’t make sense much of the time. But the committee is recommending making buckling up mandatory.

Buckle up — workplace safety rules may be in for a rough ride

Mandatory seatbelt use is among several ‘pretty big’ regulations that don’t make sense, 
says the AgCoalition

Reading Time: 5 minutes Over the objections of its farmer members, a committee has recommended the province make seatbelt use mandatory in tractors, combines, and other farm equipment. Forcing farmers to buckle up is just one — although likely the most controversial — of 142 recommendations from four “technical working groups” established to turn Bill 6 into actual occupational […] Read more

Veterinarians needed for meat inspection program

Reading Time: < 1 minute Veterinarians are being sought to act as meat inspectors under the Appointed Inspector Program. Participants must be registered under the Veterinary Profession Act and licensed by the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association. “More participants are needed in many areas across the province. In some parts of Alberta, there are currently no appointed inspectors available in the […] Read more