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China drives surge in pork exports

Thanks to surging sales to China, pork exports were up by more than 18 per cent in volume (nearly 21 per cent by value) from January to September, says provincial livestock market analyst Jason Wood. Total year-to-date pork exports were $3.75 billion (1.1 million tonnes), with China accounting for close to half of that — […] Read more

Germany is one country where a targeted growth strategy could pay dividends, says a new report from Farm Credit Canada. On the food side, Canada’s “stellar reputation” for food safety and quality provides an opening to sell more processed pork and beef products while the EU’s move away from palm oil gives canola oil opportunities in the biofuel market. (Pictured is a meat shop in Regensburg)

Seize the opportunity to grow Canadian food exports

Canada can be ‘a leading supplier of food’ in the world if it strategically targets the right markets

Canada will need to grow and diversify its export markets if it hopes to reach its export targets by 2025, says a new report from Farm Credit Canada. “As an industry, we have quite ambitious targets when it comes to exports,” said J.P. Gervais, FCC’s chief agricultural economist. “The federal government put a $75-billion target […] Read more

Grain Growers of Canada lobby Parliament Hill

Agriculture can help restart Canada's economy and the federal government help by addressing some issues, group says

Agriculture can help revitalize Canada’s post-COVID economy, but the federal government should clear the track for it. That means updating regulations to encourage technological innovation, improving market access for agricultural exports and recognizing farm practices that help the environment, Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) says. The organization, which represents 15 regional, provincial and national grain […] Read more

There are several short-term reasons why things are going well right now, but Alberta Wheat chair Todd Hames says behind those factors is Canada’s reputation as a reliable supplier of high-quality grain. Supplied

Savour it: The stars have aligned for crop producers

Demand, prices and shipping are all strong, and that’s not something that happens very often

There’s a huge good news story coming out of 2020 for crop producers. Or rather, three of them — demand is up, prices are good, and shipping is going like gangbusters. “Total volumes are up about 23 per cent year over year,” said Brennan Turner, CEO of online grain-marketing company FarmLead. “We moved about 8.34 […] Read more

Doug Sawyer, pictured with daughter Brittany and son Braden, had high hopes for the trade deal with Europe. But while pursuing what could be a large, premium market is worthwhile, Sawyer now wonders if Europe officials are negotiating in good faith.

The Canada-EU trade deal: High hopes replaced by frustration

Instead of billions in extra trade, agreement bogged down in fruitless talks on ‘technical’ trade barriers

CETA is short for the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, but for many it’s become a term for frustration and disappointment. “When CETA was signed and ratified three years ago, there were lots of promises,” said Doug Sawyer, a cow-calf producer from Pine Lake and co-chair of the foreign trade committee for the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. […] Read more

Alberta grain growers have travelled the world on New Crop Missions, but the pandemic will see Canada’s grain sector reach out to potential buyers virtually for the foreseeable future.

New-crop missions grounded, but grain sector has adapted

Pandemic provides the push to create a long-discussed online hub that aims to reach more grain buyers

Team Canada won’t be heading out overseas on a new-crop mission this year. Instead, they’ve got a new way to market wheat to their international consumers. “We used to go to about 17 countries within a span of about six and a half weeks. That is not really possible this year,” said Dean Dias, chief […] Read more

A scrappy White House administration with no reverence for the hard-fought gains in global rules-based trading over the past three decades has had the entire agricultural sector on edge.

Opinion: The bar has been set lower in this new era of global trade

‘No loss’ is the definition of winning as the new version of NAFTA comes into effect

While many Canadians were enjoying backyard barbecues this summer after months of being isolated from family and friends, the country quietly embarked on a new era of trade with two of its largest trading partners. The U.S.-Mexico-Canada-Agreement (USMCA), referred to as the CUSMA in Canadian documents, came into force to replace the North American Free […] Read more

Canadian canola crushers are headed for record production this year — and that will reduce canola carry-over and support prices, says provincial crop analyst Neil Blue.

The canola picture is brighter, says crop analyst

More crushing and increased exports to smaller customers are lifting some of the gloom from lost China sales

Canola carry-over is a moving target but the situation has improved considerably, says provincial crop analyst Neil Blue. “The Canada Grain Commission provides weekly updates of bulk crop deliveries, exports and domestic use,” said Blue. “The CGC numbers need to be adjusted to account for on-farm and other feeding. However, for crops like canola, little […] Read more

Whether it’s wheat going to Sri Lanka in this CN Rail video shot at Prince Rupert or promoting the Canada Beef brand with scenes from an Alberta ranch, trade is vital to Canadian agriculture.

Thicker international borders feared from pandemic

Economics, nationalism, and food security fears are making trade less predictable and secure

The economic fallout from the pandemic could put fresh wind into the sails of protectionists, say industry officials here. “Generally speaking, the sense is that protectionist policies and measures are here to stay,” said Greg Cherewyk, president of Pulse Canada. “There will be a point where we revert back to a more or less normal […] Read more