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Connecting with customers such as Hideo Suzuki (far right), president for Belex chain of supermarkets in Japan, was a top priority for Alberta Canola director Andre Harpe (second from left) on a recent trade mission. Also pictured are Deputy Ag Minister Andre Corbould and Tanya Fir, the provincial minister of economic development, tourism and trade.

Trade missions more valuable than ever, say Alberta producers

You have to show appreciation for customers and ask face to face how you can improve, says canola director

In times like these, friendship is more valuable than ever. “The mission was a direct result of the China (canola) ban,” said Alberta Canola director Andre Harpe, “When you lose part of your market, you have to make sure your other markets are OK.” Harpe was one of two Alberta producers who recently travelled to […] Read more

Japan beef buyers ease back a bit on purchases

After surging in January, beef sales to Japan slipped a little in February as buyers adjust to the new Trans-Pacific trade deal, says the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. An initial tariff cut (to about 27 per cent from 38.5 per cent) in the new year saw beef sales more than triple in January to 3,545 tonnes […] Read more

A working group is looking at opportunities to sell canola to new markets in light of China’s recent export ban on Canadian canola.

United effort to overturn China’s canola ban, say industry leaders

Call for action has been heard ‘loud and clear,’ but there are no quick fixes, warn canola groups

Call for action has been heard ‘loud and clear,’ but there are no quick fixes, 
warn canola groups

Industry leaders say Ottawa is acting on farmers’ concerns, but are warning there won’t be a quick resolution to China’s de facto ban on Canadian canola seed imports. “Several actions have been taken by both industry and government in addressing this issue in the past month,” Canola Council of Canada president Jim Everson said during […] Read more

Canola is currently being used to backfill other plant oils. Buyers in China are still in need of oil, but are looking for other varieties to meet their demand.

To store or sell canola? That is the question

As grain companies try to boost sales in other countries, growers ponder long-term storage

China’s ban on Canadian canola means that farmers have to take different strategies this year. Some are planning to store their canola on farm, while others are planning to sell. “Anything that has been ordered already, companies are honouring those canola contracts,” said Wade Sobkowich, executive director of the Western Grain Elevator Association. “They’re pencilling […] Read more

A high-speed bullet train travels past a rapeseed field in China’s Jiangsu province last month. The country has greatly expanded production of the oilseed, as well as soybeans, but still needs to import millions of tonnes of vegetable oil annually to meet its needs.

What should we do now? Don’t panic, say canola analysts

‘Some opportunity ahead,’ says market watcher

China’s decision to stop buying Canadian canola has prompted some farmers to push the panic button — trying to sell what they have in their bins before things get any worse. But those calling FarmLink Marketing Solutions are being told to hold off on making any hasty moves. “This is a premium oilseed,” said Neil […] Read more

Continued growth is riding on the access Canadian beef will have to an independent U.K. following Brexit.

Beef exports to the European Union doubled last year

That growth is expected to continue as supply of EU eligible cattle grows

Year-end numbers for beef exports to the European Union show growth that is encouraging to Canadian and European farmers and ranchers alike. Canada exported 1,059 tonnes of beef to the EU last year, worth $15.5 million, according to Statistics Canada. That’s a 113 per cent increase in volume and 98 per cent increase in value […] Read more

Japan is famous for demanding the highest-quality food products and Canada meets those standards. But price also matters — Canadian beef exports tripled after tariffs fell at the start of the new year.

Quick payoff from trade deal for beef producers

Beef exports to Japan triple in the first month after Trans-Pacific agreement

That didn’t take long. Hot on the heels of a new trade partnership, sales of Canadian beef to Japan skyrocketed in January, tripling the amount sold to the country compared to a month earlier. Japanese buyers snapped up 3,545 tonnes of Canadian beef in January — versus 1,282 tonnes in December and about 58 per […] Read more

Richardson International, which spent $140 million to expand its port terminal in North Vancouver in 2016, had its registration to ship canola to China cancelled on March 1 — a move that sent shock waves through the entire canola sector.

Growers fear a China crisis over canola

Farmers are worried but quiet diplomacy is the best option, says Alberta Canola official

Wait and hope. And test. That’s about all Alberta canola growers can do as what appears to be political gamesmanship by China plays out. News that Canada’s biggest buyer of the oilseed had cancelled Richardson International’s registration to ship canola prompted worried producers to call the Alberta Canola Producers Commission. “At first it was kind of […] Read more

India’s tariffs remain on pulses, but whether they continue may ultimately depend on monsoon rains from June to September.

International politics add to uncertainty for crops in 2019

Canada’s diplomatic spat with China among the factors that may influence demand for canola

[UPDATED Feb. 26, 2019] Some producers are responding to the market while planning their spring planting decisions. Others are going with tried-and-true rotations. But everyone is watching the weather and geopolitical events. “From a pulse perspective, things have improved a lot since the fall of 2017, when India closed its markets. Prices have risen some, but […] Read more

Since this video titled “Why MRLs matter” came out nearly three years ago, the threat of maximum residue limits being used to block Canadian crop exports has become even more serious, say market experts.

Even as tariffs fall, new trade barriers arise

Protectionists don’t give up when their government signs a free trade deal

Donald Trump might not get his wall — but other invisible walls are going up around the world. “We’re in an era of protectionism, and in an era of protectionism, we have governments and regulators that are looking for any excuse to block trade,” said Cam Dahl, president of Cereals Canada. “So we can’t give […] Read more