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Crop Protection ‘Blue Book’ goes mobile

The Blue Book has long been popular reading in the homes of Alberta farmers — and now they can read it anywhere on their smartphones. The Crop Protection book (as it is officially known) is updated annually for previously registered products and includes newly registered pesticide products — herbicides, pesticides, seed treatments, and foliar fungicides. […] Read more

Smartphone app helps farmers scout for Alberta’s noxious weeds

App allows farmers to identify noxious weeds and report them to their local municipal fieldmen

Need help identifying a noxious weed? Of course, there’s an app for that. “Most people have a phone with them at any given time,” said Jeff Fleischer, a member of the communications committee for the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen. “We prepared the app so that people could have a list of all of the […] Read more

Website to shine a light on grain prices

Data updated on a daily basis for eight zones across the Prairies

Don’t know if your local elevator is offering a good price or not? There’s an app for that. Or at least there will be once is fully up and running. The new website, created by the Alberta Wheat Commission with $743,000 in federal funding, aims to give farmers timely and accurate pricing data for […] Read more

An iPhone and a personal computer are all that are needed to run BioLinks, a new data management program created in Alberta for small meat processors.

iPhone-based program gives meat processors full traceability

BioLinks software also tracks sales and manages inventory

If you’re a small meat processor, you can now manage your entire operation using your iPhone and a personal computer, thanks to an Alberta-created program called BioLinks. “I wouldn’t want to run our business without BioLinks,” said Tim Hofer, manager of the Pine Haven Colony Meat shop. The meat shop was a participant in the […] Read more

BIXS 2.0 is faster, better and easier to use, says Larry Thomas, national co-ordinator with BIXS, created by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association.

Second version of beef database launched

Wonky first version has been scrapped and creators of BIXS 2.0 
say the new edition of the database is vastly improved

BIXS 2.0 has been launched and is vastly superior to its ill-fated predecessor, says the national co-ordinator with the Beef Info Xchange System. “We had to make BIXS more user friendly,” said Larry Thomas. “It had to be compact, fast and on a different platform, and the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association needed to own it outright.” […] Read more