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Students attending Farm Safety Day at Calgary’s Stampede Park last summer were given a dramatic demonstration of the dangers of PTOs. 

Educate your kids about the dangers of PTOs

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Alberta Farm Safety Program has created a new Power Take Off (PTO) Display that can be borrowed for farm safety or other events. The resource uses different methods — including a “hands-on simulated entanglement scenario” — to educate children and youth about the dangers of rotating PTO shafts, said provincial farm safety youth co-ordinator […] Read more

It’s a classic image of life on the farm 
but it’s time to put this tradition to rest, says Alberta’s youth farm safety 

Official says ‘One Seat, One Rider’ should be the rule on every farm

Machinery accidents cause the majority of fatalities among children on the farm

Reading Time: 2 minutes Daddy, can I have a ride?’ “Riding on the tractor with Dad has been a long-standing tradition for many farm families,” said Janice Donkers, youth farm safety co-ordinator with Alberta Agriculture and Forestry. “It’s not uncommon to hear the older generations boast about how young they were when they first began riding on or operating […] Read more