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meat packing plant

Database follows the money to the packing plant

Study of carcass data shows cattle from an elite breeding program were worth more than $200 a head than the average calf

Reading Time: 3 minutes Sharing data through the entire beef chain adds value that can translate to economic gains — although how much of that might go to cattle producers is a question yet to be answered. McDonald’s Canada, Beefbooster, and BIXSco — the company now running the Beef InfoXchange System — recently collaborated with Livestock Gentec to analyze […] Read more

cattle roundup

McDonald’s confident it is now serving ‘verified sustainable’ beef

It’s only a small amount at present, 
but McDonald’s says beef that meets 
its environmental and other standards is now in the supply chain

Reading Time: 3 minutes McDonald’s says it is now selling ‘verified sustainable’ beef — but is holding off on saying it has fulfilled the pledge it made to consumers two years ago. “We’re confident that we are sourcing verified sustainable beef because we have completed 82 full verifications,” said Jeffrey Fitzpatrick-Stilwell, senior manager of sustainability with McDonald’s Canada. “Because […] Read more