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black cow

What is genomics all about?

Reading Time: < 1 minute The genetic sequence of the first cow was published in 2009. This milestone was achieved through an international collaboration with 300 scientists in 25 countries and took six years to complete. The cow sequenced was a Hereford… additional breeds have also been sequenced, including Holstein, Angus, Jersey, Limousin, Norwegian Red and Brahman. This sequence information […] Read more

Jersey cattle behind a fence

‘Breeding to feeding’ builds better dairy bulls

Crossbred Jersey-Limousins could be the answer to rebuilding North America’s cattle herd

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta dairy producers may favour Holsteins on their farms, but down in the heart of America’s Midwest, Jerry Wulf milks around 30,000 “smaller, more efficient” Jersey cows — over half of his total dairy herd. But Jerseys have just one problem, he said. “That stray Jersey bull calf that she was raising was a liability, […] Read more