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Vaccines can have a major payback, as much as fivefold for the BVD vaccine, says beef economist Kathy Larson.

Spend a little now and make money later

Reduced death loss, fewer open cows, and reduced shedding 
are major benefits from a proper vaccination program

Reading Time: 4 minutes The adage goes, ‘It takes money to make money.’ It is no different in the beef industry. “Low-cost producers do not cut corners on pasture, bulls, and herd health,” said beef economist Kathy Larson of the Western Beef Development Centre. “Spending less on these items often leads to reduced herd productivity and thereby raises your […] Read more

AI could be a big bang for your buck for beef

AI could be a big bang for your buck for beef

The bull doesn’t charge for service, but he costs quite a bit to keep around when he isn’t working

Reading Time: 3 minutes It could make sense to skip the bull in a beef cattle operation, says an economist with the Western Beef Development Centre. “Natural-service breeding is still the most common. Probably some of the hesitancy is the feeling that it is more expensive to use fixed-time artificial insemination,” Kathy Larson said during a webinar hosted by […] Read more