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Ontario investigating 17 temp agencies after virus outbreaks on farms

"We stand firm against exploitation in our province"

Toronto/Winnipeg | Reuters — Ontario is investigating 17 temporary recruitment agencies, the province’s labour ministry said, after health officials warned that agencies that move workers from farm to farm could be contributing to COVID-19 outbreaks. Canadian farms rely on some 60,000 people who come to Canada on temporary work permits every year, typically living and […] Read more

An image created by Nexu Science Communication, together with Trinity College in Dublin, shows a model structurally representative of a betacoronavirus, the type of virus linked to COVID-19. (Nexu Science Communication via Reuters)

Mexico to stop sending workers to Canadian farms hit by COVID-19

Assurances of worker safety sought, FARMS says

Mexico City | Reuters — Mexico will stop sending temporary workers to Canadian farms that have registered a coronavirus outbreak and that do not have proper worker protections, Mexico’s labour ministry said on Tuesday, although it will not completely suspend the program. The decision came after a coronavirus outbreak in Ontario hit at least 17 […] Read more

Now that Bill 6 has become law, the focus has to be on creating practical regulations that work on farms, says Alberta Barley.

Bill 6 is law — now we need a plan to move forward

Designing practical workplace rules is a complex process that will take time, 
but farm groups will advocate on behalf of their members

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta Barley is very disappointed that the Government of Alberta chose to force the passage of the amended Bill 6 through the legislature on Dec. 10. The voice of farmers was consistent regarding the lack of consultation and especially the lack of clarity about how the bill would impact farmers and ranchers across the province. […] Read more