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American farmland titan eyes Canada

Farmers National manages two million acres in the U.S.

Reading Time: 4 minutes One of America’s largest farm management and real estate brokerages has expanded into the Canadian Prairies — starting with Alberta. Through a joint partnership with Edmonton-based consulting firm Serecon, Farmers National Company is now “open for business” in Canada. “It seemed like the right fit for the right timing going into the Canadian market,” said […] Read more

We need to look at land in the larger context

We need to look at land in the larger context

Fear of ‘peak soil’ is driving global investment and 
raising questions about who will control it in the future

Reading Time: 3 minutes A man named Louis Glickman once said, “The best investment on Earth – is earth.” And what do we, as farmers, know of this great gift? We know it is the foundation of civilization, the centre of well-being, and the giver of abundance, including joy. We know that it is scarred with the battles that […] Read more

Brazil’s Rural Society contests limits on foreign land purchases

Sao Paulo | Reuters –– Brazil’s Rural Society, a group representing large- and medium-scale farmers, filed a case with the country’s Supreme Court on Thursday seeking to overturn restrictions on the amount of land foreigners can purchase. The attorney general’s office tightened restrictions on foreign land ownership in Brazil in 2010, an action that officials […] Read more

Small farms have been the lifeblood of Senegal but are increasingly being squeezed out.  Photo: Belgian Development agency

In Senegal, a land rush is pushing local farmers to the side

Africans without formal title are losing their farms to international biofuel and cash crop companies

Reading Time: 2 minutes From Farm Radio Weekly, published by Farm Radio International, a Canadian organization that works with farm broadcasters in sub-Saharan Africa Doudou Sow is furious. For the last 10 years, small-scale farmers in his area have been steadily losing their land to an influx of private investors. The Senegalese farmer says that outsiders have been purchasing […] Read more