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Hydrangeas were once thought suitable only for more moderate climates, but there are now hardy varieties that can survive Prairie winters.

You’ve got more (landscaping) choices than you think

Many imported trees and shrubs can do well here and mixing them with native species adds diversity

Reading Time: 2 minutes Diverse species of trees and shrubs contribute to the health, function, and beauty of your property, says the province’s agroforestry and bioenergy specialist. “A variety of tree and shrub species can be found in Alberta’s urban and rural areas including ones that, in theory, should not be grown here at all due to our harsh […] Read more

Daylily farming is a labour of love for Carolyn Bondy and her husband Jeff.

Landscape crops lucrative for Alberta growers

Two central Alberta farmers have branched out into a fast-growing niche market — landscape plant production

Reading Time: 6 minutes The grass really is greener when it comes to landscaping crops — and the ornamentals smell pretty sweet, too. “The market as a whole has been growing 10 per cent a year for the last 20 years, and the economic forecasts show that it’s only going to increase,” said Joel Beatson, executive director of Landscape […] Read more