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Saskatchewan to offer discount option on Crown land

Facing another rent hike in 2018, some Saskatchewan farmers leasing cultivated and “formerly cultivated” Crown land from the province are getting an option to buy the land instead at a 10 per cent discount. Provincial Agriculture Minister Lyle Stewart on Tuesday announced a “targeted incentive” program aimed at about 1,100 eligible leaseholders, offering the 10 […] Read more

Alberta landowner backed by Surface Rights Board

Reading Time: < 1 minute A recent Surface Rights Board decision has ruled against a unilateral reduction of surface lease rentals in Alberta. In the case, an energy company argued, “We only pay for leases with active wells on them.” The panel disagreed, saying, “Payment of compensation is not at the discretion of the operator.” Under surface lease agreements, lessors […] Read more

If you don’t calculate the potential profit from rental land, it’s easy to pay too much.

What the neighbours are paying doesn’t matter

Here are three ways to calculate fair rental rates — and none involves going to the coffee shop

Reading Time: 2 minutes Determining a fair rental rate isn’t easy, says provincial farm business management specialist Dean Dyck “Often, people use what others are charging or paying in the local area,” said Dyck. “Following this approach has pitfalls because the rate may not be reflective of the soil productivity on the farm or there may be a difference […] Read more