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Pulse weekly outlook: Slight increase in lentil acres likely

Increase 'won't be as big as people think'

MarketsFarm — Lentil acres are likely to increase slightly when farmers take to planting this spring, according to Marlene Boersch of Mercantile Consulting Venture Inc. in Winnipeg. The pulse industry will get a better idea of what will be going into the ground over the coming weeks on April 27, when Statistics Canada releases its […] Read more

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Abandonment of some lentil acres likely

CNS Canada — As thunderstorms and wet weather continue across Saskatchewan, so grows the number of lentil fields being put at risk of yield loss and potential abandonment. “Certainly in that west-central part of the province, Rosetown and other significant lentil-growing regions, we have seen some problems and crop failures due to too much moisture,” […] Read more

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Wet weather threatens record lentil crops

CNS Canada — An increase in Canadian lentil acreage this year comes as a blessing in disguise as wet conditions threaten some crops, worrying producers. Farmers in parts of the Prairies increased lentil seedings by 48 per cent, covering a record 5.8 million acres this year, according to Statistics Canada. While the increase in lentils […] Read more

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Lentils move lower as production anticipation grows

CNS Canada — As negative features continue to mount in Canada’s lentil market, prices are following the tried-and true phrase, ‘What goes up must come down.’ Lentil prices skyrocketed ahead of this year’s growing season, but now the market is starting to trend lower. “This isn’t a disaster; it’s just that gravity is pulling it […] Read more

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Tight lentil market watching weather

CNS Canada — Old-crop large green lentils saw a jump in price over the past week, but actual supplies are few and far between, with most market participants turning attention to new-crop opportunities and weather uncertainty across Western Canada’s lentil-growing regions. “The trade is very thin right now,” said analyst Chuck Penner of LeftField Commodity […] Read more