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Can you have a regenerative system and still optimize carrying capacity and performance in the livestock that you graze or feed? The answer is yes!

Schoepp: People need to know livestock can be good for the environment

In a regenerative program, livestock bring a host of benefits — but that fact is being ignored

Reading Time: 3 minutes Livestock have come under the magnifying lens as being destructive for the climate and for the environment. Producers have been quick to respond and Canada leads the way globally with its environmentally conscious and sustainable beef supply chain. However, society as a whole does not understand the role of livestock in systems. The concept of […] Read more

Keep it relaxed — practise low-stress cattle handling to stay safe

Keep it relaxed — practise low-stress cattle handling to stay safe

You might think you know the risks, but complacency is your enemy during this busy season

Reading Time: 2 minutes As we head into another busy time of year for cattle producers and handlers, it’s good to stop and think about all the increased risks we face over the next couple of months. Fall is a dangerous time because there is a lot more movement, as ranchers are bringing in cows and calves that haven’t […] Read more

An example of making the most of a pass through the squeeze chute

Beef 911: Don’t take a ‘we can do it later’ attitude and miss the opportunity to get more done in one pass

Reading Time: 4 minutes Some preplanning by the cattle producer in consultation with the herd veterinarian ahead of a major processing will accomplish many things, including herd improvement. This article will describe a specific example of this. Certain points may fit into the management of your operation. Some points may become obvious when the processing starts and can be […] Read more

branding a cow

Beef website offers insights and tips on pain mitigation

Cattle’s experience with pain is not fully understood, but research on minimizing pain is steadily advancing

Reading Time: 5 minutes The Beef Cattle Research Council has updated the pain mitigation section of its website. The following is an edited version of that page, which also contains videos and links to further articles. Consumer pressure to avoid painful practices on cattle when possible — and to reduce pain when castration, dehorning, or branding are necessary — […] Read more

Safe transport is a key concern for consumers and the main reason for calls to the minister of agriculture.  
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Better animal welfare is also better for your bottom line

Consumers are beginning to demand higher animal welfare standards 
for livestock — but improving welfare isn’t ‘rocket science’

Reading Time: 2 minutes Animal welfare and beef cattle productivity are “inseparable,” says a federal research scientist. “Sick animals are not productive animals,” said Dr. Karen Schwartzkopf-Genswein. “Incidences of sickness and lost performance are really heavily linked to welfare.” Stressors like castration, transportation, weaning, and handling have been linked to things like slower rate of gain, greater chance of […] Read more