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More producers eligible for livestock tax deferral

Reading Time: < 1 minute Ottawa has announced additional regions where livestock producers are eligible for tax deferrals. This allows producers who faced feed shortages to defer a portion of their 2015 sale proceeds of breeding livestock until the following year. The cost of replacing the animals in the next year offsets the deferred income, which reduces the producer’s taxes. […] Read more


Biocontainment plan can be a lifesaver during a disease outbreak

The to-do list is a long one in a crisis — and it’s better to have it all set down in writing

Reading Time: 2 minutes No one wants an infectious animal disease outbreak on their farm — but every producer should be ready for one, says an expert on biocontainment plans. “When we get into crisis mode, we tend to forget the important steps and communications pieces that need to be there — by having it all documented ahead of […] Read more