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A generation of young producers could be lost because of the pandemic, says Kendra Donnelly, pictured with husband Bryan and son Owen.

Young producers wonder if there’s a future in the cattle sector

Pandemic exposes fault lines in a business with a high cost of entry and little protection when a crisis hits

Reading Time: 4 minutes Is the risk really worth it? That was the underlying theme offered by a quartet of young cattle producers during a recent online presentation put on by the Canadian Cattlemen’s Association. “Farming and ranching are already highly risky,” said Kendra Donnelly, who farms near Acme and operates, with her husband and parents, a trio of […] Read more


UN report on livestock and climate change gets lost in translation

Panel of climate change experts say meat production must be sustainable — but few noted that distinction

Reading Time: 3 minutes “Eat less meat” was the phrase of choice for describing a new report from the United Nations’ climate change panel. Those three words appeared in headlines in publications such as Time magazine, the National Post, and the Times of London. But the report itself said something different, said the science director of the Beef Cattle […] Read more

Alberta agricultural information catalogue

Alberta Agriculture’s 2015 information catalogue now available

Topics cover crop and livestock production, new ventures, agri-tourism and more

Reading Time: < 1 minute Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s 2015 Information Catalogue is now available. The catalogue lists over 600 free and priced books, DVDs and CD-ROMs distributed through the department’s publications office. These materials provide up-to-date information on a wide range of agricultural subjects. “We’ve got products on just about every subject you can think of,” said information […] Read more

Alberta Cattle Feeders CEO Bryan Walton

Feedlot association has a beef with crumbling infrastructure

Election 2015: More money needed to properly maintain rural roads and bridges

Reading Time: < 1 minute The next Alberta government needs to invest in rural roads and bridges — not just infrastructure in urban centres, says Alberta Cattle Feeders CEO Bryan Walton. “There was a commitment in the budget of $20.5 billion over the next five years, starting with $6.7 billion on a capital program (for roads and bridges),” said Walton. […] Read more

man speaking at a podium

Livestock sector needs the mindset to improve animal welfare

David Fraser says a ‘professional animal production’ approach to animal welfare is needed to reassure society

Reading Time: 3 minutes Much of the debate on farm animal welfare changes has centred on major infrastructure shifts such as facilities improvements and housing approaches. But the greatest challenge — and also opportunity — facing animal agriculture may lie not in the physical environment but rather in the mindset of producers, says David Fraser, a professor of applied […] Read more

man presenting at podium

Telling farming’s story — the good, the bad and the ugly

Airdrie vet Cody Creelman says being open and honest takes away power from foes of livestock production

Reading Time: 3 minutes Eight seconds is a good bull ride. And in the new age of Tweets, Vines and Snapchats, it’s also about all the time needed to create a viral video or have someone form an impression — good or bad — about animal agriculture. So how can producers benefit from social media? Airdrie vet Cody Creelman […] Read more

Pigs in a barn.

Dutch farmer finds animal health and welfare go hand in hand

Gerbert Oosterlaken wants animal welfare advocates on his side instead of the opposition

Reading Time: 5 minutes When Gerbert Oosterlaken began designing a new 600-sow barn on his livestock and crop farm in this densely populated district, he wasn’t interested in state-of-the-art production systems. He looked 20 years into the future — one he believes will be driven as much by how well he can get along with his non-farming neighbours as […] Read more