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Livestock research gets even more complicated during pandemic

Cattle groups have tips for conducting on-farm research — two pages’ worth

The Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Beef Cattle Research Council, and Canadian Beef Breeds Council has put together a two-page list of guidelines to follow if research is being conducted on your ranch or feedlot. Topping that list is: “Consider postponing on-farm research activities that require more than one person or interaction with farm operators whenever possible […] Read more

Guelph gets new beef research facility

The federal and provincial governments and the Beef Farmers of Ontario have all announced funding for buildings and programs at the University of Guelph’s renewed beef research station this week. The funds announced are to help create a completely new cow-calf and heifer research facility next to the current beef research station, and a new […] Read more

Keeping an eye on — and collecting physical samples from — a network of herds is giving researchers an unprecedented look into 
Prairie cattle production.

Bovine big brother: Surveillance network gives cattle researchers priceless data

Network will yield insights into improving production and herd health — 
and reassure customers if there’s a sudden disease concern

You can’t pick them out from the road, but 120 herds of cattle across the Prairies are special. They’re participants in a “living laboratory” experiment that is advancing knowledge about the health of the western herd in a host of ways. “We have a mixture of small and large herds, somewhat representative of the number […] Read more

Livestock research now online at AARD

Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s livestock research branch has launched its own website. “Ever wondered if you can feed faba beans to pigs?” asks website co-developer Miranda Smit. “Or camelina meal to poultry? Interested in using synchronization protocols to improve your dairy herd’s reproductive performance?” Those questions are answered on the website. Each research group […] Read more