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When cattle balk while being processed, they are trying to tell you something, 
says Dr. Elizabeth Homerosky.

Tips to reduce stress and up safety when handling cattle

It starts with keeping cattle calm and identifying hazards in your current handling facilities, say experts

Reading Time: 4 minutes Keep calm when handling cattle — especially if you want safe working conditions. Attitude, confidence, as well as the general mood sets the tone when handling cattle, says veterinarian Dr. Cody Creelman. “I can barely count the number of times I’ve seen situations where things are nice and calm, steady, quiet, and proper,” said Creelman. […] Read more

Livestock emergency response truck and trailer.

Livestock trailers help emergency personnel respond to crisis, save lives

AFAC’s trailers installed in several counties throughout the province but another 10 are required

Reading Time: 2 minutes The Alberta Farm Animal Care’s livestock emergency response trailers are saving lives. First responders in Westlock County used a trailer when a truck transporting 52 beef cattle rolled in the area. The responders, who had never attended a livestock accident before, managed to save all but five of the cattle, thanks to the trailer and […] Read more