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The Water Box provides water to livestock throughout the winter without having to constantly chop holes in the ice.

Livestock watering system wins innovation award

Reading Time: < 1 minute Consort-area rancher Lee Smith has won the Award of Distinction for Innovation from Alberta Farm Animal Care. The Water Box ( can be inserted through the ice at shallow depths of water that is flowing. Cattle can access water by lifting a lever with their nose and there’s also a mineral tub insert so it […] Read more

Experimentation key to farmer’s homemade remote waterer

Conrad Dolen built his own system and is testing it this winter to see how it compares with his commercial system

Reading Time: 2 minutes You can buy a winter watering system off the shelf, or you can do what Conrad Dolen did and build your own. “We thought we could do it cheaper if we did it ourselves,” said Dolen, who operates Dolen Land and Cattle with siblings Quinton and Erica near Silver Valley. “We bought the pump, solar […] Read more