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PGRs can be a valuable tool, but use with care, say Alberta producers 
Tom Eppinga (l) and Greg Stamp.

The trick is in the timing with plant growth regulators

FarmTech: The hormone reduces lodging and makes harvest a lot easier, 
but proper staging is a challenge

Reading Time: 3 minutes Plant growth regulators can work, but use with caution. If the conditions aren’t right, you could have a wreck, said participants in a plant growth regulators panel at FarmTech. “If you’re going to use a plant growth regulator, focus it on situations where you are pushing yield limits,” said Emile deMilliano, manager of training with […] Read more

Phil Bernardin of Engage Agro explained some of the ins and outs of using plant growth regulators at Farming Smarter field days.

Get your timing right with PGRs

By increasing or decreasing hormone production, plant growth regulators can either promote or limit growth

Reading Time: 3 minutes Plant growth regulators may offer some benefits, but the timing and staging of their application is critical. “Plant growth regulators change the hormone relationships within plants and can increase or decrease hormone production,” Phil Bernardin, a technical rep with Engage Agro, said at Farming Smarter’s recent field day. In cereals, plant growth regulators act as […] Read more