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Manitoba situation shows what Alberta may face

Manitoba situation shows what Alberta may face

Manitoba’s drawn-out history with bovine tuberculosis suggests there’s a long road ahead to control TB

Reading Time: 3 minutes As Alberta begins to feel the repercussions of a confirmed case of bovine tuberculosis, Manitoba looks to close its nearly two-decade-long chapter with live animal TB testing. “As we witness what is happening in Alberta, it really shows how quickly this can take place and how fast it can affect the entire province. We certainly […] Read more

The Manitoba Wildlife Federation points to this bullet hole in a rural northwestern Manitoba home as an example of the risks to the public from unchecked night hunting. (

Manitoba hunters, ranchers seek rural night-hunting ban

Manitoba’s hunter and rancher groups are calling on the province to tighten its enforcement against night hunting and ban the activity among all hunters in the province’s populated rural areas. The call Tuesday from the Manitoba Wildlife Federation follows a Sept. 10 near-miss in which a couple near Winnipegosis, about 60 km north of Dauphin, […] Read more