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Flower growers turn to weed ahead of legalization

Winnipeg | Reuters — Some Canadian flower growers are turning to weed, with the country’s plan to legalize marijuana for recreational use expected to spur a spike in legal sales of the drug. While medical marijuana is already legal in Canada, the Liberal government said in April it will introduce a law in 2017 to […] Read more

New Brunswick college to launch marijuana cultivation course

Reuters — A college in New Brunswick plans to institute a program on marijuana cultivation so that students can be trained to work at local companies that produce the drug, a school official said on Tuesday. College Communautaire du Nouveau-Brunswick will launch the course sometime next year, said Michel Doucet, executive director of continuing education […] Read more

Canada to allow medical marijuana users to grow their own

Ottawa | Reuters — Medical marijuana patients in Canada will be allowed to grow a limited amount of cannabis for their own use or designate someone to grow it for them, the government said Thursday. The government had been given six months to comply with a federal court ruling that struck down the previous administration’s […] Read more

Court rules medical marijuana users can grow their own

Vancouver | Reuters — A federal court judge in Vancouver on Wednesday ruled that medical marijuana patients have the Constitutional right to grow their own cannabis, striking down a ban introduced by Canada’s previous Conservative government. The court suspended its decision for six months to give Ottawa time to respond. A group of British Columbia […] Read more

Canadian medical marijuana firm PharmaCan going public

Toronto | Reuters –– PharmaCan Capital, a holding company focusing on the Canadian medical marijuana market, is set to go public next week, opening up for investors a basket of licensed producers and signaling the appetite for a growing industry. The Toronto-based company has significant stakes of eight medical marijuana producers, including five licensed by […] Read more