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Horses can have allergic reactions, know the symptoms

Horses can have allergic reactions, know the symptoms

Horse Health: There are multiple triggers that 
can cause either skin or respiratory reaction

Reading Time: 3 minutes Horses, just like humans, can and do get allergies. Although allergies in horses are not fully understood, we do know that the root cause lies in the immune system. The body becomes hypersensitive and appears to “overreact” to seemingly innocuous substances called allergens. Histamine, a naturally occurring hormone in the body, reaches overly high levels, […] Read more

Get rid of unwanted meds and pesticides

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farmers and ranchers in southern Alberta will be able to dispose of unwanted or obsolete pesticide and livestock medications this fall. The Canadian Animal Health Institute and CleanFARMS will conduct the collection from Oct. 26-30 at 20 collection sites. A list of pickup sites will be posted at the CleanFARMS website later this summer. A similar […] Read more

buffalo bean plant

Cancer-fighting drugs in your pasture?

University of Lethbridge researchers have already found one native plant — buffalo beans — that offers early promise

Reading Time: 2 minutes Plants you see every day in your pasture could contain valuable components for cancer-fighting drugs. Scientists from the University of Lethbridge recently found that buffalo beans, a plant commonly found in pastures in the south, contain compounds that may be beneficial to people fighting cancer. “We’ve always been interested in my lab in looking for […] Read more