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Allison and Mike Ammeter both serve on commission boards and both say they’ve seen the difference those organizations make.

Those who serve make a difference — for you and other farmers

Serving on a farm group’s board won’t earn you a medal, but the work benefits the ag sector

Reading Time: 3 minutes For Allison and Mike Ammeter, being a farmer goes far beyond actual farm work. “Farming is a whole lot more than putting seed in the ground and harvesting it,” said Allison Ammeter, who farms alongside her husband near Sylvan Lake. “A lot of it is looking at the really big picture — provincially, nationally, and […] Read more

Weather woes not the only concern

Weather woes not the only concern

The grain transportation system is far from fixed, poor quality will 
have continuing repercussions, and the world is awash in grain

Reading Time: 4 minutes All that rain and its effect on crop quality is top of mind for Alberta farm leaders, but lurking just behind is the prospect of the railways seizing up again in the face of a huge harvest. “It looks like there’s a lot of crop out there — I’ve heard estimates that this might be […] Read more

Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Oneil Carlier (centre) is given a tour of the Food Processing Development Centre after announcing a $10-million expansion.

Food development centre gets $10-million boost

Crop commissions welcome funding to expand the Leduc food development facility

Reading Time: < 1 minute A $10-million expansion of the food development facility in Leduc is being welcomed by the provincial wheat and barley commissions. “We hope this capital injection will be a catalyst for further innovation from the Food Processing Development Centre,” said Alberta Barley chair Mike Ammeter, who farms near Sylvan Lake. The centre and Agrivalue Processing Business […] Read more

Mike Ammeter pictured at the current Niobe elevator, which will soon have a new neighbour — a super-sized elevator with a cutting-edge loop track.

BOOM BOOM: A double dose of good news for Alberta’s farm scene

Two new mega elevators boost competition and their cutting-edge 
loop tracks mean super-fast turnaround times

Reading Time: 4 minutes Back-to-back announcements that Red Deer County will soon have its first-ever super-sized grain terminals are giving farmers multiple reasons to celebrate. “It’s more good news when it comes to choice for marketing — not that we ever want to see an overbuild situation — but I’m sure these folks have all done their homework,” said […] Read more

Barley chair and vice-chair re-elected to Alberta Barley

Reading Time: < 1 minute Mike Ammeter has been re-elected as chairman of Alberta Barley and Jason Lenz as vice-chair. “I had a great first year as chairman with Alberta Barley and I am honoured to have been re-elected,” said Ammeter. “This next year will be one filled with opportunities and challenges, and I am looking forward to continuing my […] Read more

Rail transport still needs fixing, says farm leader

Rail transport still needs fixing, says farm leader

Farm Vote: Mike Ammeter says Ottawa needs to fix broken system

Reading Time: 2 minutes A poor crop means rail transport might not be an issue for grain growers this year but “the challenge is still there,” says the chair of Alberta Barley. “What we went through a couple of years ago, with not being able to get our product off the Prairies to port and to our customers, was […] Read more