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pregnant cow

Dealing with a lack of calcium in pregnant cows

Beef and forage specialist Barry Yaremcio does the math on providing this mineral 
to pregnant cows

Reading Time: 2 minutes When feeding cereal silage, greenfeed or swath grazing to pregnant cows, there can be a concern with a lack of calcium and magnesium. An added product can often be the solution. “In this situation, an added product should have more calcium than phosphorus,” said Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist, with the Ag-Info Centre in […] Read more

Bloat no problem with the right genetics

Bloat no problem with the right genetics

Managing bloat comes down to the right genetics, right feed, and right mineral products

Reading Time: 3 minutes The fear of bloat costs the livestock industry more than the condition ever does, says a well-known grazing consultant and researcher from Idaho. “I’ve seen the figures from the States, and something like two one-hundredths of one per cent of the total cattle herd dies each year from bloat,” Jim Gerrish told attendees at a […] Read more