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The ‘Curry in a Hurry’ team from the University of Alberta took top prize in this year’s Mission ImPULSEible competition. Left to right are Andrea Dacko, Aleksandra Tymczak, Philip Elson, and Jeffery Duong.

Curry-flavoured granola bar wins Mission ImPULSEible

What do a curry granola bar, chickpea pudding, 
and pulse cereal have in common?

Reading Time: 3 minutes A curry-flavoured granola bar was the grand prize winner in this year’s Mission ImPULSEible post-secondary student food development competition. “This was actually our backup plan,” said Andrea Dacko, a member of the winning team. “Our first plan didn’t work out. I guess it’s a good thing. We wanted to go back to the basics, while […] Read more

The winning Mission ImPULSEible team (from left to right) Nicolle Mah, Sujata Patel, Chandre Van de Merwe, and Austen Neil, flanked by pulse commission chair Allison Ammeter (left) and competition co-ordinator Debra McLennan.

Mamma mia! They don’t make gelato like this in Italy

A pulse-based version of the Italian ice-cream treat takes top prize at Mission ImPULSEible

Reading Time: 3 minutes If someone were to tell you that one day you could sample dairy-free gelato made from fermented beans — and actually enjoy it — you might think that was impossible. Well, when you’re at Mission ImPULSEible, nothing is impossible. “I never cease to be amazed at the unique ways that pulses can be processed into […] Read more

group of women accepting an award

Lemon tart takes the cake at Mission Impulseible student competition

Pulse-based ‘Peamon’ tart takes the cake at Mission Impulseible

Reading Time: 2 minutes Calling something a “lemon” suggests it’s not up to par, but a lemon-based tart was the winner in this year’s Mission Impulseible. The “Peamon” tart was created by a trio of University of Alberta food science students who used canned red kidney beans, chickpeas, romano beans and great northern white beans as well as other […] Read more

Diana Nguyen (l to r), Stacey Seufert, Christie Cheng and Anastassia Astrakhantseva developed Pulse Pops.  Photo: Courtesy University of Alberta

Pulse Pops grab national honours

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s mission accomplished for the Alberta creators of Pulse Pops, who recently won top honours — and a cheque for $2,500 — at the national finals of Mission ImPULSEible. University of Alberta students Anastassia Astrakhantseva, Christie Cheng, Diana Nguyen and Stacey Seufert created a frozen alternative to the popular cake pop from black beans, chickpeas, […] Read more