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Alberta’s PED outbreak so far held to one spot

The probe into Alberta’s first-ever outbreak of porcine epidemic diarrhea hasn’t yet shown any paths by which the PED virus might have got to the farm — nor any new cases anywhere else in the province. The provincial government on Jan. 7 confirmed the first case of PED to appear in hogs in Alberta, at […] Read more

Jordan Jensen, project manager of Sustainable Farm Families, a new program designed to help farmers take control of their health.

New program takes aim at high early mortality rate of farmers

Stress, poor eating habits and other factors mean farmers have higher 
rates of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and respiratory issues

Reading Time: 2 minutes You can’t enjoy your farm if you’re dead — but many farmers take better care of their land, equipment, or animals than themselves. “It’s true for my family and a lot of farmers I know,” said Jordan Jensen, who grew up near Raymond and is now project manager of Sustainable Farm Families Canada. “Farmers tend […] Read more