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The province checked more than 30,000 boats at inspection stations this year. Owners are encouraged to clean, drain, and dry their vessels, but it’s not a guarantee they will be mussel free.

Some close calls, but invasive mussels kept at bay this year

Eleven boats were found to be carrying the fast-breeding and highly destructive aquatic invaders

Reading Time: 3 minutes The massive effort to keep quagga and zebra mussels out of Alberta’s waterways once again paid dividends. “This year, inspectors surveyed 31,000 boats and found 11 carrying invasive mussels,” said Janine Higgins, an official with the Community Engagement Branch of Alberta Environment and Parks. In 2017, 35,000 boats were inspected and 19 were found to […] Read more

Both inspections and monitoring are being stepped up this year in the ongoing war to keep invasive mussels — which may be just 60 kilometres from the border — out of Alberta’s waterways.

The threat of invasive mussels draws ever closer to Alberta

Water officials on high alert after positive samples for larval mussels 
were found in two nearby Montana reservoirs last year

Reading Time: 4 minutes Lakes closed to watercraft; shores fouled with sharp shells and a rotting mollusk smell; millions of tax dollars going to clean up irrigation and hydro-electric infrastructure — that’s the future if quagga or zebra mussels find their way into the province. For decades, Alberta has been protected by a buffer of mussel-free provinces and states […] Read more

People transporting canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards must also stop at inspection stations, such as this one at Jumping Pound west of Calgary.  

Authorities up efforts in the battle to keep out invasive mussels

More inspections, tougher enforcement, and lots of education key to 
keeping Alberta waterways clear of quagga and zebra mussels

Reading Time: 3 minutes The provincial government and irrigation districts are ramping up their efforts to keep invasive quagga and zebra mussels out of Alberta. Along with more watercraft inspections, the province is also stepping up enforcement — and boaters who fail to stop at an inspection station face a fine of up to $100,000 or 12 months in […] Read more

Invasive species — such as this quagga mussel — pose a major threat to the aquatic ecosystem.

Western Canada unites in fight against invasive species

Joint agreement will boost fight to keep zebra 
and quagga mussels out of Alberta

Reading Time: < 1 minute A joint agreement among Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and Yukon tightens the grip on invasive species. The Inter-Provincial Territorial Agreement for Co-ordinated Regional Defence Against Invasive Species is a step towards better co-ordination among jurisdictions on both prevention and co-ordinated response if invasive species are detected in Western Canada. The initial scope of this […] Read more

These samples, collected at Lake Mead in Nevada, show the growth of quagga mussels 
on a pipe after two, four, and six months.

The battle against invasive mussels is unending

Zebra and quagga mussels would cause $75 million in damage annually if they got in Alberta waterways

Reading Time: < 1 minute Efforts to keep invasive mussels out of Alberta have been successful so far, but the threat is unending. “Inspectors at the Coutts inspection station near the Montana boarder have already intercepted one mussel-fouled boat since opening for the season in March, and it is expected that this will be only one of many such incidents […] Read more