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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau shakes hands with his Indian counterpart Narendra Modi 
at a ceremonial reception in New Delhi last month.

Troubled pulse trade generating lots of headlines

Tariffs, fumigation, and prime minister’s India trip have put the crop into the media spotlight

Reading Time: 3 minutes The politics of pulses haven’t reached White House levels yet, but the unassuming legumes are generating headlines like never before. The latest ones include another hike in India’s tariffs, a pledge to resolve a long-running dispute over fumigation, and a new attempt to shield Indian farmers from falling prices. Justin Trudeau appeared to have ended […] Read more


India acts to help farmers hit by black money crackdown

New Delhi | Reuters –– India’s government on Thursday announced immediate steps to ease a cash crunch for farmers amid widespread criticism of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s shock decision to withdraw high-value bills in the middle of the sowing and wedding season. Farmers have been left stranded as traders have no cash to pay for […] Read more

Traffic between Delhi and Agra. (

India’s Modi battles opposition to key land reform

New Delhi | Reuters — India’s opposition parties boycotted Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s latest attempt to build consensus around a business-friendly land bill Wednesday, boding badly for his ambitious agenda of economic reform in a parliament session that starts next week. Almost half of India’s 31 chief ministers spurned Modi’s invitation to meet him in […] Read more