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Boosting reproductive efficiency, using better genetics, and implementing better management practices are aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

New beef masterplan links environment to improved profitability

New beef strategy says ranchers can boost profits while cutting greenhouse gas emissions

Reading Time: 5 minutes Capturing carbon and reducing greenhouse gas emissions are two key goals in the newly updated national beef strategy. While these goals may seem contentious to some producers, it’s important to show the public that the beef sector is progressive and doing its part when it comes to combatting climate change as well as protecting the […] Read more

Update on national beef strategy

Update on national beef strategy

Reading Time: < 1 minute An update on the 2015-19 National Beef Strategy is now available at the Canada’s National Beef Strategy website. As of June, 15 per cent of outcomes have been completed; five per cent are in progress (have an end); 61 per cent are ongoing (and expected to continue); seven per cent have not been started (primarily […] Read more

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Innovation and the bottom line in cattle production

One-day conference to be held in Lethbridge on March 31

Reading Time: < 1 minute Maximizing innovation for profit is the theme of a one-day conference being put on by the Canadian Angus Association and Certified Angus Beef in Lethbridge on March 31. In addition to presentations on genomics, the national beef strategy, and market outlook, Ryan Kasko (Kasko Cattle Co.) and Leighton Kolk (Kolk Feeders) will discuss Allied Marketing […] Read more

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In their words: Beef leaders talk about new national strategy

More co-operation, research, and efficiency — and less red tape — hailed as keys to a more prosperous future

Reading Time: 4 minutes The new national beef strategy is being led by a group of “Canadian beef advisers.” Five of those industry leaders spoke about the five-year plan at the recent Alberta Beef Industry Conference. Here is a condensed version of some of their comments. Jeff Warrack, National Cattle Feeders Association past chair, on working together: “We’ve been […] Read more

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Beef sector blueprint explained

Reading Time: < 1 minute Cattle organizations behind the new industry blueprint have put out a pair of videos outlining the strategy behind the recently released Canada’s National Beef Strategy. The strategy has three specific goals to be achieved by 2020: Boost production efficiency by 15 per cent Increase carcass cut-out value by 15 per cent Reduce cost disadvantage relative […] Read more

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New national beef strategy is on the right track

The goals are ambitious, but what’s key is that the cattle sector 
is coalescing around a common vision

Reading Time: 3 minutes Beef industry leaders have outlined some gutsy goals for their sector to meet with their recently released National Beef Strategy. Boosting production efficiency by 15 per cent, increasing carcass cut-out value by 15 per cent and reducing cost disadvantage relative to global competitors by seven per cent by 2020 won’t be easy. But much of […] Read more

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Five-year beef plan seeks boosts in demand, efficiency

A new strategy from national and provincial cattle producer and beef marketing agencies has set five-year percentage benchmarks for the industry’s productivity, added value and cost-effectiveness. Canada’s beef sector groups on Wednesday formally released their National Beef Strategy, a guiding document for “how the organizations can work together to best position the Canadian beef industry […] Read more