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Project takes a high tech appraoch to rate the value of wetlands

Reading Time: < 1 minute To answer the question ‘What is a wetland worth?’ the Alberta Land Institute will be going high tech in the Nose Creek watershed project. The province uses letter grades — A, B, C, and D — to rate the functional value of wetlands. To assign a grade, project officials will employ a type of aerial […] Read more

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What’s it worth? New project aims to nail down the value of wetlands

Innovative new project features a reverse auction in which producers ‘bid’ on the compensation they’d want for giving up acres

Reading Time: 4 minutes Wetlands often present a difficult choice for producers — keep them for their environmental value or drain them for the sake of the bottom line. Until recently, converting wetlands to croppable land was commonplace, and even encouraged by government projects that paid farmers to drain them. Wetlands advocates know it will take compensation to reverse […] Read more