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Prevention through proper grazing management is the best way to keep absinthe wormwood out of pastures.

You won’t raise a glass to this invasive weed

Noxious Weeds: Absinthe wormwood

Reading Time: < 1 minute A tough, semi-woody perennial plant native to Europe and Asia, absinthe wormwood typically grows in stems and forms in a clumping habit. The most distinguishing feature of the plant is its finely divided leaves combined with a silvery-grey colour. Absinthe wormwood also has a very strong and distinct odour which is very similar to sage. […] Read more

The barbs on the seed heads of Woolly Burdock allow them to easily attach to fur or clothing.

Noxious weed found throughout Alberta

Noxious Weeds: Wooly Burdock

Reading Time: < 1 minute Woolly burdock is found throughout Alberta and will grow in most soil types. It prefers moist, loamy, and well-drained soils which are in direct sunlight. This noxious weed is commonly found on disturbed sites, but has also been found growing in gardens for herbal use. Woolly burdock can only reproduce by seed, but is self-fertile […] Read more

Scentless Chamomile

Weed an enemy of disturbed soils

Noxious Weeds: Scentless chamomile prolific and problematic

Reading Time: < 1 minute Scentless chamomile can be found across the province. Starland County, Parkland County, MD of Lesser Slave River, and Saddle Hills County are just a few of the municipalities with confirmed populations of this plant. Scentless chamomile is a prolific seed producer, with large, healthy plants able to produce up to one million seeds each. Plants […] Read more

Cattle don’t like tall buttercup, but that can allow it to take over a pasture.

Bitter weed a common sight in Alberta

Noxious grassland invader: Tall buttercup

Reading Time: < 1 minute Tall buttercup is often found in Alberta, including in the MD of Lesser Slave River as well as Big Lakes, Yellowhead, Clearwater, and Mountain View counties. This plant contains a bitter, irritating oil that is toxic and can harm grazing livestock, especially cattle. This weed is an invader of wet areas, preferring humus soils, but […] Read more