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Better credit risk, smaller loan

It’s not just that women get turned down for loans more often, 
but that too many aren’t getting a proper financial education

Reading Time: 3 minutes In 2014, I published a detailed report on the development of mentorship programs for women in agriculture from a global perspective. This report (which can be found at has since given flight to a number of global study topics with other Nuffield Scholars. Recently, a report in Alberta published by the Agriculture & Food […] Read more

The formula for success on your farm

The formula for success on your farm

Straight from the hip: The challenges in farming are numerous and 
diverse, but Nuffield Scholar Jamie McCoy has found successful farmers 
have a common approach

Reading Time: 3 minutes When Jamie McCoy, my guest from Wales, sat around our fire last summer, she glowed with passion for the family farm. A fellow Nuffield Scholar, her project was to look at opportunities for small holdings. The release of her report in 2014, the International Year of Family Farming, could not be timelier. Of course the […] Read more

Alberta Nuffield scholar Cheryl Hazenberg is interviewed 
during her trip to China.

A rare steak is rare indeed in China

Reading Time: 2 minutes China is famous for dishes — from snake to thousand-year-old eggs — that are alien to palates of westerners. But Cheryl Hazenberg found it all depends on your viewpoint. The director of technical services at the Canadian Angus Association, who is travelling the world studying traceability as a 2014 Nuffield scholar, spent two weeks in […] Read more