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Landowners not on the hook for insolvent gas or oil companies

The Alberta Utilities Commission recently released a decision confirming its authority to order refunds for the electrification costs of oil and gas leases that were mistakenly billed to farmers. Last year, an electric utility was trying to collect payment from farmers for electricity supplied to an insolvent oil and gas company. Some landowners brought the […] Read more

Don’t be fooled by false promises

The Farmers’ Advocate Office is hearing concerns about negotiation practices on utility projects, transmission lines, and pipelines. “One of the frustrations we’ve been hearing from landowners is that some have been given the impression that the company will come back and ‘top off’ compensation if another landowner along the same route negotiates at a higher […] Read more

Province preparing surface rights maps

Online maps will link to actual agreements

The Farmers’ Advocate Office (FAO) is currently collecting surface lease, transmission line, seismic, and pipeline right-of-way agreements from landowners for the Surface Rights, Land, and Energy: Pricing Transparency Mapping Project. “There is currently no central repository where this type of information is compiled and accessible to landowners,” said Jeana Les, research and communications specialist for […] Read more

Oilpatch’s pain could be agriculture’s gain as layoffs mount

Thousands of energy and construction workers will be looking for jobs, 
but agricultural employers need to attract them

The layoffs have already started in Alberta’s energy sector — but many more are on the way, say experts. “We’re estimating somewhere in the range of $12 billion less investment taking place,” said Michael Burt, director of industrial economic trends with the Conference Board of Canada. “That’s going to translate into thousands of fewer jobs […] Read more