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Layering on digital data

Reading Time: < 1 minute Olds College Smart Farm has received a $300,000 donation from BASF Digital Farming for HyperLayer data concept.  This process collects and analyzes several layers of data from across the Smart Farm’s 2,800 acres.  “It centres around compiling topographical data, detailed soil nutrient and moisture mapping, multi-spectral and hyper-spectral imagery, yield data, and other layers of […] Read more

A series of floating islands in large tanks grow a variety of common wetland species to see which is most effective at removing water contaminants such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

Putting Mother Nature’s water filter to the test

It’s called phytoremediation and using native species as filters could be big for the feedlot sector

Reading Time: 3 minutes Walking through the wetlands at Olds College is an education unto itself: Native plants and trees line every path that loops around 20 constructed ponds where waterfowl swim and songbirds flit from cattail to cattail. But the wetlands are also home to something equally important — wetland research. “Managing resources like water is critical,” said […] Read more

A DOT (now OmniPower) autonomous unit at work on the Olds College Smart Farm. (Olds College video screengrab via YouTube)

College farms, GFM Discovery Farm to get smarter together

Two Alberta colleges sign on for new CAAIN-backed network

A pair of Alberta college farms and Glacier FarmMedia’s Saskatchewan farm are the first to plug into a national network of “smart farms” to improve the ag sector’s smart technology experience. The Olds College Smart Farm will lead the Pan-Canadian Smart Farm Network, which will also include Glacier FarmMedia Discovery Farm at Langham, Sask. and […] Read more

Alberta colleges strike an alliance

Reading Time: < 1 minute Lethbridge College and Olds College have signed an agreement to work co-operatively on applied research. The memorandum of understanding will sometimes see the two colleges conduct joint projects but will also have them “refer companies to each other based on the best fit with infrastructure and research expertise, and share relevant data and data networks.” […] Read more

Olds College’s Smart Farm has been working with Telus and other tech providers to create networks for its extensive array of technologies. The school is now partnering with the telco’s newly created ag unit.

Smart Farm partners with Telus Agriculture

Reading Time: < 1 minute Olds College has struck a $1-million partnership with Telus Agriculture that will see the school’s Smart Farm serve as a “living lab to conduct applied research and test the real-world application of new technology in a commercial-scale agriculture setting.” This includes evaluating technology such as internet-connected weather stations and field sensors in live conditions. Telus […] Read more

It’s still years away but Olds College officials say they can see a day when linking their self-driving DOT power platform to sensors and algorithms will take farming to an entirely new level. Olds College

Go grab a coffee, the robots have got this

Future of Farming: Hook sensors, cameras, algorithms, and self-driving machines together, and farming becomes a new ball game

Reading Time: 5 minutes Just picture it: You’ve been watching your crop get rained on all week from your kitchen window, and it’s about time to do some crop scouting to see if you need to spray. But your farm is way ahead of you. Soil sensors have been monitoring moisture levels, and they’ve already called for reinforcements. A […] Read more

The focus of Old College’s new ‘techgronomy’ diploma program is making practical use of precision ag technology, says James Benkie (left), pictured with college staff Mytayla Miller and Bill Bruce examining field sensors.

Forget the app, there’ll soon be a college grad for that

‘Techgronomy’ diploma program aims to train experts able to put the promise of precision ag into practice

Reading Time: 4 minutes For many, the term ‘precision agriculture’ is becoming a source of irritation — a buzzword that often seems more about jargon than things you can use on the farm today. Viewed from that angle, the title of Olds College’s new diploma program — Precision Agriculture – Techgronomy — may seem like more of the same. […] Read more

Olds College acquires Red Angus herd

Olds College acquires Red Angus herd

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Canadian Red Angus Promotion Society has donated 10 purebred Red Angus heifer calves to Olds College. The animals will be used in “applied research projects that focus on production efficiency, animal health and welfare, and environmental sustainability,” said Sean Thompson, manager of the college’s Technology Access Centre for Livestock Production. “There will also be […] Read more

Olds College gets $21 million for building projects

Reading Time: < 1 minute Olds College has been given more than $21 million in provincial funding for capital maintenance and to redevelop two existing buildings. The college received $15.2-million to expand the Lachlin McKinnon Building into the new Animal Health Education Centre and $6.2 million to redevelop the James Murray Building into the Ag-Tech Learning Hub that will house the […] Read more