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Black Diamond rancher Ben Campbell doesn’t know what the future holds for his fledgling beef business — but he’s confident enough to leave his engineering career to pursue it.

Forging deep bonds — one customer at a time

It’s a whole different world, but these Alberta farm entrepreneurs 
say direct marketing gets in your blood

Reading Time: 7 minutes Grazed Right Grass Fed Beef / Black Diamond As one of four children of one of seven brothers who jointly own the family ranch, Ben Campbell knew a farming career was simply out of reach. Even if he had the land base, the cost of starting a commercial-size herd is huge. “Cattle are so expensive […] Read more

local grown vegetables on a table

Tap into local food demand with ‘Explore Local’

Reading Time: < 1 minute Producers with an interest in tapping in to the local food markets are encouraged to get to know Explore Local. “We’re trying to help Alberta producers and processors build their knowledge and skills to successfully meet the demand in the local food area,” says Carmen Andrew, manager of Explore Local with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. […] Read more